Challenge Ed

Challenge Education
A Social Skills Program
Brought to you by:    Portage Township Schools  and
                                                   Porter County Educational Services

What is Challenge Education?
This all-grade affective program is about people learnig to work together in a variety of
structured settings.  It is a reality-based multi-stage curriculum made up of sequential
group exercises that address issues like leadership, communication, planning, problem-
solving, collaboration, productivity, conflict resolution and trust. 
Challenge Ed is a continuous classroom process that is augmented through experiences
on team building courses throughout the district.  Students learn how their comments
and actions affect everyday life.  The focus is on the group process and solutions while
using the activity to generate awareness and class discussion.  The whole child, affective
and academic, is our concern.  This resource is a strong social skills building tool available
to students of the Portage School System.
Where Does Challenge Education Take Place?
This social skill building program takes place within the very confines of every classroom. 
Classes are taken through the various stages of group development through the use of
hundreds of developmental activites - many of which are developed by our Challenge
Education staff.

What Does Challenge Education Do?
Challenge Education provides a structured setting where each student may explore a
variety of behaviors and consequences as the group pursues the objective.  For example,
if you want to replace an angry response by a student, it is important to have that person
familiar with alternative behaviors that can be used effectively.  Behavior is learned - you
have to give the student a chance to learn something new.