Dual Credit Information

Dual Credit Opportunities:
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Dual credit allows high school students to earn both high school and college
credit by completing courses at their high school and/or college campus.   
 Students must apply to the college and fill out a college registration form.
        We strongly advise you to go to www.transferin.netto see how credits transfer within the state of Indiana.  It isimportant that you contact potential universities to determine ifthe credits will transfer to your intended major. 
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**The chart does not include dual credit courses offered through the
Career &Tech Ed program.

Purdue North Central

Ivy Tech

English 12 AP (3)
(3 credits per semester)

Business Law & Ethics (3 credits hours)

Pre-Calculus Pre AP
(3 credits per semester)
     Advanced Accounting
(3 credit hours)
Advanced English 11
Calculus AP (5 credits per semester)
Digital Applications & Responsibility
 (3 credit hours)

Biology AP (4 credits per semester)

     Principles of Business Management
(3 credit hours)

Chemistry AP (4 credits per semester)

Principles of Marketing (3 credit hours)

US History AP
(3 credits per semester)
Introduction to Engineering
(3 credit hours)

French III (3 credits per semester)

Principles of Engineering
 (3 credit hours)

French IV (3 credits per semester)

Civil Engineering/Architecture
(3 credit hours)

Spanish III (3 credits per semester)

Computer Integrated Manufacturing
(3 credit hours)

Spanish IV (3 credits per semester)

Computer Programming I
 (3 credit hours)
Expository Writing
(3 credit hours)

Digital Electronics (3 credit hours)

German III (3 credits per semester)

Computer Science AP (3 credit hours)

German IV (3 credits per semester)


Indiana University

Indiana University Northwest

Special Topics:  Geology
(3 credit hours)

Calculus (3 credit hours)