Purdue North Central

Purdue North Central:
 Students who have not completed this process will have one last opportunity to register for PNC dual credits:  New deadline is August 25, 2015.

What are Dual Credits:
Dual Credit allows high-school students to earn both high school and college credit
by completing courses at their high school and/or college campus. Students must
apply to the college and fill out a college registration form.
All courses are $25 per credit hour. If PHS confirms that a student is eligible for free and reduced lunch, tuition will be waived.

What are AP Courses:
P or an Advance Placement course allows students to take college-level courses and exams, and to earn college credit or advanced placement while still in high school. Students must register for and take an AP exam in the spring. The results of the exam determine if a college will issue credit. These credits are usually nationally accepted.

AP Exam fees are approximately $91.00 per test. The state of Indiana will sometimes waive test fees for specific tests. If PHS verifies that a student is eligible for free or reduced lunch, test fees are waived.

Please Note:
Although some colleges will allow students with a GPA less than 3.0 to apply for dual credit,Portage High School still requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to enroll in AP courses.

Registering for Purdue North Central Dual Credit:

Step 1. Determine if the credits will transfer.

We strongly advise you to go to www.transferin.net to see how credits transfer within the state of Indiana. It is important that you contact potential universities to determine if the credits will transfer to your intended major. Column two on the reverse side provides Purdue North Central’s specific course numbers you will need to complete this step. Portage High School is not responsible for dual credits that do not transfer.

Step 2. Complete the PNC application.

Step 3. Complete the PNC Registration Form

Step 4. Complete the FERPA form

Step 5. Turn all of the above in to guidance along with a $2.00 fee.

*Please note that a parent signature is required on each of the three forms.

It is very important that you write down the classes you are registering for and keep a copy for your records. This is the beginning of your college transcript.

Deadline is Friday, May 22, 2015