Guidance Office Staff

To visit our Guidance Department, sign in at the office by entering through Door C.  Take a right when you exit the office and the Guidance Department will be just on the right before the commons area.

Lynn Alkire
Lynn Alkire
Scheduling & Testing
(219) 764-6041

Kathy Shrader
Letters A-B
(219) 764-6101
Sarah Senart
Sarah Senart
Letters C-F
(219) 764-6045
Carrie McGinty
Carrie McGinty
Letters G-KL
(219) 764-6048
Jennifer Frame Jenny Frame
Letters KM-N
(219) 764-6043
Charity Kehoe
Charity Kehoe
Letters O-Si
(219) 764-6044
Shelia Parker
Sheila Parker
Letters Sj-Z
(219) 764-6042
Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson
(219) 764-6040