Community Service Information


Service Learning is an opportunity for you to volunteer your time to help others or to perform tasks that will benefit the community. You will improve your community through the hands-on service you provide, while also enriching your skills associated with teamwork, community involvement, self-reflection, and citizenship. Your civic involvement will help develop you as a contributing citizen and allow the public to see youth as a respected resource in our community.

Service Learning hours can be acquired any time you give of yourself to others (excluding immediate family) but do not receive compensation. Examples include helping an elderly acquaintance, raking leaves in your neighborhood, babysitting for a family friend (for free!), or volunteering at a local nonprofit organization.

Your time, energy, and effort can truly make a difference in our community and at Portage High School! Thank you for taking part in this experience.

  • DO  something good for your community and yourself
  • TRY  something different and step out of your comfort zone
  • SHOW  the community the good that can come from today's youth
  • LEARN  a great deal about yourself and your community
  • SHARE  yourself, your views, your beliefs, with others
  • MAKE  a difference


  • Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of service per academic year in order to graduate, beginning with the class of 2019.
  • The Service Learning Hours Log Sheet must be submitted to your Tribe Time mentor teacher by May 15th each year.
  • You will be representing Portage High School to our local community. Please conduct yourself in a mature, respectful manner.