College Entrance Preparation

College-Entrance Preparation utilizes individual student score reports from the PSAT, PLAN, and/or ACCUPLACER to prepare students for the SAT, ACT, ACCUPLACER and/or Compass college readiness assessments. Based on student score reports, students will receive targeted instruction to strengthen their foundations in critical reading, writing, mathematics, and science sections of college admission and placement exams. As appropriate, the course will also encompass test taking strategies to prepare students for success on a high-stakes assessment. Teachers are encouraged to use a curriculum with longitudinal, successful results. Course may also include college selection and application units, to better prepare students for overall college-readiness. Being “college ready” means being prepared for any post-secondary education or training experience, including readiness for study at two-year and four-year institutions leading to a post-secondary credential (i.e., a certificate, license, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree). Being ready for college means that a high school graduate has the English and mathematics knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses without the need for remedial coursework. 

Recommended Grade Level: semester 1 – grade 11; semester 2 – grade 10  Recommended Prerequisite: Algebra II (or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II)    
Credits: 1 semester course, .5 to 1 credit per semester, 4 credits maximum - The nature of this course allows for successive semesters of instruction provided progressively advanced proficiencies and content standards are utilized. 
Counts as an Elective credit for all diplomas. 

Peer Tutoring, 1 semester 1 credit

Grades: 10, 11, 12​
Prerequisites: 2.0 GPA
Students may sign up to assist students in the LRE program. Peer tutoring for credit requires a daily journal, final summary paper, and an extracurricular assignment. All peer tutors provide academic guidance in either the LRE classroom or in a regular education classroom with adaptations. Modeling and directing age appropriate behaviors for LRE students is an important role for peer tutors. Excellent attendance and strong leadership qualities are necessary traits for peer tutoring. Note: *An academic GPA of "C" or better is required as is a clear disciplinary record. Prerequisite For The Following Special Education Courses: To enroll in any of the classes listed below, a student must have a current IEP.