Summer School Information

NOTE: Transportation does not receive a Student list for PHS Summer School.   Therefore, Student will need to look at the route maps below and find the closest corner to their location to wait for the bus.  The Route start time is listed on each route map.  Students need to be out "at the bus stop" and remain VISIBLE to the approaching bus.  This means students should NOT be sitting in a car, standing behind a tree or telephone pole, or sitting on a porch.  If the driver does not see you, they will pass you without stopping.  Drivers may ask students to congregate at a different location to consolidate stops after a couple of days.


3 Routes.

We have provided a list of stops for each route as a reference to an APPROXIMATE time the bus would be in the area.  Drivers will be looking for students at these locations as well as others along the route.  After a couple of days the driver may give students a slightly different time, as adjustments will be made so that students reach the High School at a proper time.
Revised: effective June 26