Purdue Northwest

Students who have completed a minimum of 4 semesters of high school will be considered eligible for admission provided they meet two of the following criteria:

1. Rank in upper one half of class.
2. Cumulative gpa of 3.0 or greater.
3. SAT two-score composite of 950 or ACT composite of 21.

Registering for Purdue North West Dual Credit:

Step 1. Determine if the credits will transfer.

We strongly advise you to go to www.transferin.net to see how credits transfer within the state of Indiana. It is important that you contact potential universities to determine if the credits will transfer to your intended major. Portage High School is not responsible for dual credits that do not transfer.

Step 2. Complete the PNW application.

Step 3. Complete the PNW Registration Form

Step 4. Complete the FERPA form

Step 5. Turn all of the above in to guidance along with a $2.00 fee.

*Please note that a parent signature is required on each of the three forms.

It is very important that you write down the classes you are registering for and keep a copy for your records. This is the beginning of your college transcript.

PNW is in the process of renegotiating dual credit agreements.  There is no guarantee that all of the classes on our registration form will be awarded dual credit.