falll campus


Attention All PHS Students/ Parents
iPads will be collected this year. Please be sure you have anything you may want saved to your email or your Google Drive.
iPads will be turned in after your last ETA. They can be turned into your 10th mod teacher. We will only be collecting the charging cube & cable from Seniors and withdrawing students only. 9th-11th will keep their cube/cable.
Summer school students, your iPad will be returned the first week of summer school.
Afternoon Vocational & all Virtual students, the ITS department will be available on Wednesday 5/26 & Friday 5/28 from 7a-3p to collect your iPads. We are located at Door E (the door in the brickwall). Please ring the bell just once.
Any iPads not turned in will be issued a debt slip. The account will be credited when turned in.
Please send all PHS questions to itshs@portage.k12.in.us or
kristina.rojano@portage.k12.in.us / caroline.logan@portage.k12.in.us / sharon.mcewen@portage.k12.in.us