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PHS junior places 6th at BPA Nationals

Although he has never taken a business law course, Portage High School junior Logan Reese placed 6th in Business Law and Ethics at the Business Professionals of American National Leadership Conference on May 8. Two years ago, Reese was recommended to the program by his former teacher, Mrs. Boyer, and, since then, he has achieved several accomplishments.

Contributing to his ongoing success, Reese’s BPA advisor nicknamed him “Showtime.” 

“I nicknamed Logan "Showtime" [the same nickname as the Blackhawks Patrick Kane] for two reasons,” Bernacki said. “What Kane does in hockey is what Logan does with his knowledge of law and economics. The other reason is that like Kane, Logan is a winner. With seven awards in two years, including two Regional Championships, a State Championship, and a Top-10 Nationals finish, Logan is our most decorated member and always rises to the occasion when competing.”

Bernacki believes that Reese is an amazing young man who still does not realize his limitless potential; with his incredible knowledge of law and economics at his age, Bernacki visualizes Reese as a Presidential Economic Advisor in the future.

Reese enjoys his experience with the program and recommends that other students try it out.

“In the program, there is nothing controlling your method of learning or how your time is devoted; learning your subject is entirely up to you and without any external restrictions of a teacher or weekly essay,” Reese said. “So not only are you able to choose from a really quite enormous list of contests, ranging from economics and law to coding and graphic design, but you also are in control of how you learn your subject and so can apply yourself through whatever learning methods are best-suited to your style enabling you to be entirely free from pressuring externalities and the repetitiveness of going through a subject in four weeks that could have been learned in four days.”

Congratulations on being named as a top 10 BPA national finisher! Keep making us Portage Proud!