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Extra-curricular offerings are an integral part of Portage High Schools culture. Student activities, along with athletics and performing arts, were established almost simultaneously with the founding of the school.   The hallmark of Portage High School’s student Activities program is its profound depth and breadth.  There is an opportunity for every PHS student who chooses to become involved.  Many of our clubs have a history and tradition upon which they continue to build and grow, while other clubs have been formed more recently to meet the ever-changing interests of today's students.  There most certainly is an organization available to help you meet your needs and goals. 


Exclusive of the opportunities in athletics, intramurals and performing arts, there are many different extra-curricular activities.  These range from student government to competitive academic teams to publication, ethnic/cultural or special interest clubs that meet regularly. All PHS students are encouraged to attend any of these clubs' meetings.   Behind these active groups is a cadre of dedicated faculty advisors who are truly interested in providing students with an educational experience, one that broadens their involvement and enriches their lives.     

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